When working with furniture I place a strong emphasis on ecological production and design. The furniture I make for private customers is mainly made from reused wooden materials. I saw and plane down the used material to raw material and make the best out of it. I get materials from old demolished houses, broken furniture etc. Also when designing for mass/series production I design the furniture so that as little glue as possible is required and have the most efficient production line I can come up with while giving a strong construction to the furniture for it to endure for years. Growing up with ecological values passed down from my parents I have them strongly rooted within me and seek ways to hone them for future development.


“Different times, people and places give you different vibes, chimes and rhymes that influence your art, your making and being. I express this in my work, often resulting in a minimalistic composition embodied with the essence of its purpose and the aesthetic beauty to complete it.”




Freelance furniture design(and production), web and graphic design.


Furniture design at Novia University of Applied Sciences
-stipendium 2011


Freelance Designer


Damex Oy
– Graphics, programming and web-design


BA in Computer science at Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu
– Stipendium 2003 and 2006