mirror lamp

A lamp behind a mirror that shows the light when turned on and your reflection when turned off. This is made possible with a 2 way reflective mirror glass that reflects the lighter side. Made as a furniture/object for my thesis about art and design and how they merge in furniture design. Size: Ø 60cm.

Headboard and shelves

Headboard and shelves for a home in the Finnish archipelago. The customer wanted something in a marine theme but other than that I got free hands. The final result is a headboard and 3 shelves symbolising the wave of the oceans. Made in birch.

Futon bed frame

A bed frame for a futon mattress, inspired by the Japanese culture and architecture. Designed to be produced without glue, screws or nails using only a saw and a planar. It can be easily assembled or taken apart within 5 minutes and is easily transported requiring minimal space. Size: 200 x 160cm.

ON SALE! Contact me for pricing and delivery details.

Corner cabinet

Made out of old reused wooden materials and leftover paints. A cabinet for a summer cottage in the Finnish archipelago made in a traditional style with a personal twist. This cabinet is for storage of spirits and glasses. Paintings on the cabinet doors are painted by my sister Johanna Karvonen, painter and tattoo artist (check out her IG).

Leftover TV-stand

This TV-stand was built in the customer’s garage from old worn leftover materials. The design is based on the wish to hide two big speakers behind the cabinet doors and still be able to play music through them. The old wood materials gave a rustic feel to this cabinet designed for a home in the Finnish archipelago.

Coffee table

This coffee table is made out of recyclable materials that gain patina beautifully over the years. The leather “hammock” offers a place for your books and magazines to lay on and the glass shows your readables through a warm tinted glass.

Coat rack

Personal coat rack designed to be made of leftover water pipes from construction sites. “Store your keys and sunglasses where you leave your jacket so they are easily accessible when you head out for your next adventure” is the idea behind it.