Website for Alvar Silvennoinen

A 1-page portfolio website for Alvar Silvennoinen. The website is based on a layout designed by Alvar himself. Alvar is from Finland and studies architecture in Copenhagen. The website expresses his minimalist style and the pictures of his works does the talking. Go have a look at this very talented young man’s works.

Website for Terapihornet

Website layout design and coding for Terapihornet. A minimalistic website on wordpress that gives information about their services and offers an easy way to book apointments for their practices. They offer treatments and products in support of holistic health. All the entrepreneurs working at Terapihörnet share a mutual passion for natural health, and wish to help you heal both your body and mind by offering relaxation, healing treatments, advice and ecological products that support health and well-being.
Check it out:

Webshop for Kaoli

Webshop and website for Kaoli based on the layout design by the founder Casper Tuomaala who is a former student of Minna Komulainen, the founder of Terraviiva. Kaoli keeps the art of ceramic alive by making beautiful handcrafted tiles in different colors and geometrical shapes. Take a look and get inspired!

Terraviiva webshop

Webshop layout design and coding for Terraviiva. They make beautiful handcrafted ceramic tiles with ornaments in a rich variety of colors and now sell them all over the world. Ceramics by Minna Komulainen. Go visit their page and maybe order some tiles.

Website for Olmosdesign

Website/portfolio for Stella Törnroth. A designer working from Ölmos in the finnish archipelago under the name Ölmosdesign. With good values cherishing the nature and a great eye for colour she creates a good look for your business and home. The website is based on her layout design. Photograph by Stella Törnroth.

Flipeco software and graphical user interface

Flipeco is an online magazine browser and converter that turns your PDF:s into flippable magazines. I was in charge of the graphical user interface and the front-end software development. Read more about Flipeco here. An environmentaly friendly and money-saving alternative to printing.