Into The Wasteland -single cover

Graphic design for Dimma’s debut single Into The Wasteland. Dimma is a progressive rock band and ”Into The Wasteland” is their first release. Go have a listen and let yourself submerge into their world of music.

Graphic art posters

A photomanipulation project started as an inspiration from dreams and the symbolism found within them. The first part is ”the nomad”. A wanderer in solitude… This is part 1 of a serie. More coming soon.

Terapihornet logo

A logo for Terapihornet. They offer treatments and products in support of holistic health. All the entrepreneurs working at Terapihörnet share a mutual passion for natural health, and wish to help you heal both your body and mind by offering relaxation, healing treatments, advice and ecological products that support health and well-being.
The logo is inspired by a vision of a tree and 2 birds. It brings together the elements of their practices and philosophy to express harmony and healing in a natural way.
Go and check out their new website at

Paint & Ink

Logo, business card and window decal design for Paint & Ink tattoo and art studio. Made together with Johanna Karvonen. The philosophical horse is a symbol of her way into the world of art.

Dimma logo

This logo is for an up and coming band called Dimma, who plays progressive and alternative rock music with an original sound and a mysterious feel. Dimma is a swedish word for mist and the logo is meant to give a mystical feeling emerging from the mist. Check them out on their Facebook page!

Stockholm 2007

Went through some old photos and found this piece I took back in 2007 of the railroad tracks near the harbor in Stockholm. Used to colour edit this picture searching for a refined cross-processed look but never got satisfied with it, now I just made a few tweaks and it feels right. Even got a title for it.